Dr. Pepper Fail

This, my friends, is what we might call a marketing fail.

Dr. Pepper Ten

Really, this is so ridiculous that it's just comical. Watch the Dr. Pepper Ten TV ad for even more macho pretension. Roar! I am man! I throw footballs and shoot guns and get into fights! I drink only drinks with 10 manly calories (what the heck is that even supposed to mean? Who on earth came up with that as a tagline?). And ladies, sorry - we're out of luck. Dr. Pepper doesn't want us anywhere near their manly drink. It's back to girly cocktails and chick flicks for us, because we never drink non-diet pop or watch action movies. Ahem. But you know what, that's OK - I don't want to be near any of Dr. Pepper's drinks anyway.


  1. To be fair, I have to assume that the ad is trying to use reverse psychology to get people to buy the product. The spot is clearly being deliberately ironic and subversive at times. (Catchphrase?)

    That being said, I'm not saying that it's a particularly well-done reverse-psychology marketing campaign. I can't even tell which demographic the ad is targeted towards. Is it "women who think that soft drinks are generally masculine beverages", with the message that Dr Pepper is less so? Or is it "men who think that Dr Pepper is a particularly feminine soft drink", with the message that the Dr is as manly-to-consume as a Mountain Dew?

  2. Ad campaign aside, Dr. Pepper 10 tastes more like original Dr. Pepper than Diet DP. And neither of them have as much of that artificial after taste as Diet Coke. A good way to cut back on soft drink calories.


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