Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marketing Fail

In contrast to Marketing FTW! by the wine shop in my neighborhood, here's a marketing fail from the folks over at Disney:

Snow White Fruit Snacks

Remember Snow White? Remember the Evil Queen that wanted to kill her? Remember how that Evil Queen poisoned her with an apple?

Note that the box for the dried fruit snacks says, "No Sugar Added! No Preservatives, 100% Fruit!" That's great, but they don't mention anything about poison. Who wants a box?

Thanks to Michi for bringing this ridiculousness to my attention.


  1. I want to see Ariel's Little Mermaid fish sticks and Pumba's pork rinds.

  2. I think my inner graphic designer just took on a new project.

  3. This is a good reminder for all marketers, designers, and the entire marketing team. Well, mistakes do happen but it can be prevented.

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  4. I would never buy this product. The marketer or whoever that was assigned to create the copy should have been careful. Jason, emethod seo

  5. This is ridiculous! I'm sure there are other marketing fail brands/ads but this is just so careless. I guess there are negative Internet Marketing Product Reviews about this.


  6. I am from the branding division and I must say that this should have been properly corrected before having it released.

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