Maple Taffy + Ice Cream

La Petite cabane a sucre de Quebec

Free samples, they'll get you every time.

Maple taffy

Walking through the streets of Old Quebec, my friend Steve and I were stopped by a woman offering free samples of maple taffy. It was my first introduction to the stuff - growing up in Michigan, maple sugar candy was a common treat at cider mills in the autumn, but I'd never seen taffy before. It was delicious, chewy and sweet. And from what I gathered from Steve, who grew up in Saskatchewan, it's quite simple to make: you heat up pure maple syrup, pour it on snow (or its closest relative), and wind the result around a stick. Voila!

Maple ice cream with Belgian chocolate

The taffy was so good that I decided to try maple soft serve ice cream, dipped in Belgian chocolate. Think of it as the Canadian version of the Dairy Queen dip. And as one might expect, it was far better.

La petite cabane à sucre de Québec
94 rue du Petit Champlain
Quebec, QC G1K 4H4


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