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Live Long and Eat Cookies

I grew up watching Star Trek. In fact, I can't remember a time when I didn't watch the show in some form (blame my father: he's the engineer that introduced me to Asimov while I was still in elementary school). First it was TOS with Kirk, Spock, and crew, and then TNG, followed by DS9 and Voyager - and then nothing, because by the time Enterprise rolled around I couldn't handle suffering through another bad series. (I gave up on Enterprise after watching the pilot. And the pandering of the "decontamination" scene where two characters rubbed each other with gel. In soft focus. With close-ups of hands and half-clothed body parts.) All this to say, I was thrilled when I stumbled across these adorable Star Trek cookies from Bakingdom . (Visit her for instructions and more cute photos.) They're absolutely perfect. I especially love the happy look on Uhura's face. On a related note, some of you may know that I also co-host a Star Trek podcast, Podcast o

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