Saturday, July 2, 2011

Embroidered Toast

Judith G. Klausner - Embroidered Toast: Egg

Artist Judith G. Klausner creates art from unlikely objects (notably insects) and pairings (embroidery recalls bygone times, while packaged bread is a phenomenon of our present age - and who thinks to embroider on something other than cloth to good results?). I love how the egg on toast also evokes Impressionist painting.

Judith G. Klausner - Embroidered Toast: Butter

Judith G. Klausner - Embroidered Toast: Mold

The mold on the last piece actually looks incredibly realistic, even in a closeup. I bet you'll look at bread mold just a bit differently in the future.


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  4. What separates it from other bread is that the thickness of the cuts is twofold the thickness of common cut bread.


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