This is a non-food related post.

If you visited Kitchen Lore yesterday, you saw that we were participating in the SOPA Strike along with 75,000 other websites (update: make that 115,000 websites) including Google, Wikipedia, Mozilla, Craigslist, and Wordpress. The SOPA Strike is over and Congress has been continuing to drop its support of the bills, though the numbers are still pretty close (67 supporters, 72 opponents). It looks like we made a difference, though the fight's not over just yet.

If you still don't understand what the fuss is about after all the internet craziness that happened yesterday, here's a succinct post about why both acts are bad for the internet and fail to accomplish their stated goal of addressing piracy.

This is important - contact your Congressional representatives if you haven't already (if you did - thanks!).

And now we head back to our regularly scheduled posts.


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