A Farewell to La Sera Cafe

Photo courtesy of Restaurant.com.
Today I walked past La Sera Cafe (1143 N. Wells, Chicago) to find its windows covered with newspaper. A man was disassembling the railing that enclosed the outdoor patio, and all of the chairs and tables were gone. A sign on the window said that they were closed, and given the signs of desolation, this seems to be a permanent situation.

Three years ago, I discovered the cafe, with its Ethiopian and European influences, cozy vibe, and friendly staff. It was one of the few places - perhaps the only place - in the city where you could order both Turkish and Ethiopian coffee. Some weeks I practically lived there since it was one of the few non-Starbucks options in the neighborhood. I held meetings there and ordered food and coffee when I had business nearby. All of the staff recognized me. 

Alas, those days are gone. Goodbye, La Sera Cafe. I will miss you and your tasty lamb wraps.


  1. Awww... too bad this cafe didn't last. Goodbye La Sera Cafe.


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