Was the croissant actually invented by the French (some say that credit belongs to the Hungarians)? What insanity made coffee found in animal excrement the most expensive in the world? Why did goose fall out of favor, replaced by turkey as America's traditional Christmas fowl? The answers to these and other questions form the basis of culinary lore, the tales and history behind the food that we eat. It turns out that eating - one of our most basic activities - can be quite fascinating. Along the way, we'll explore recipes, talk to the people behind the scenes, and take the not-so-occasional foray into geekdom. It's going to be a great ride.

About the Author

Dawn Xiana Moon has visited 18 countries and includes France and Singapore on her list of favorite culinary destinations. She’ll try eating almost anything once as long as it’s dead (and not an insect - she hates insects). She also takes her chocolate very seriously. Best dark chocolate truffles: Pascal Caffet. Best unsweetened cocoa for use in hot chocolate: Valrhona. Conversations with her may cover the following topics: the differences between the Lord of the Rings films and books, Shakespeare, great tweaks to Mozilla Firefox, who would win in a fight between the Daleks and the Borg, theology, and the importance of good art. She is a former contributing editor for RelevantMagazine.com and director of incarnation, a community of artists in Chicago. She is also a web designer, dancer, and singer-songwriter. You can listen to her combination of folk, pop, jazz, and traditional Chinese music at DawnXianaMoon.com.

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