Things to Eat in Singapore: Braised Pig Trotters

In our ongoing series on delicious things to eat in Singapore (otherwise known as some of Dawn's favorite foods), we've already covered bak kut teh, duck rice, popiah, Ipoh hor fun, fish head curry, chilli crab, fish ball noodles, and Hainanese chicken rice. Some of these foods are not for the faint of (American) heart. Here's another dish that falls into that category:


 Braised Pig Trotters


Pig Trotters

Now, I know some of you are already making horrified faces, but I swear to you, pig trotters are delicious. In fact, if you're French, this idea of this dish probably doesn't scare you at all - see: pied de cochon.

For the rest of you: you probably like bacon. In fact, since you're reading this on the internet, I'm willing to bet that most of you are in love with bacon. And pork belly. So think of pig trotters as something akin to pork belly: soft, fatty, and flavorful. In Singapore, pig trotters are often braised in a dark soy-based sauce similar to the one used for Teochew braised duck. They're best eaten with lots of white rice to soak up the rich sauce.

You can always go the gym later.


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