Hello Kitty Airplane Food

Hello Kitty airline food

For most of us, flying is an ordeal. Security inspections and their associated lines, airlines that treat you like cattle, cramped seating, and bland food often add up to a less-than-pleasant travel experience. I know people who will go through great lengths to avoid air travel, including one who took Amtrak all the way from Chicago to New York (20 hours later, she wondered if she should have opted for the two-hour flight instead).

But Taiwan's EVA Air wants to put the fun back into air travel, and they've found just the mascot to do it: Hello Kitty. Brand owner Sanrio is partnering with EVA to operate three themed jets from Taipei that will offer Hello Kitty boarding passes, luggage tags, headrest covers, toiletries - and, most importantly - food.

Airline food, but in a Hello Kitty bento box? Adorable. Suddenly it's kind of appealing.


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