Two Takes on Waffled Eggs

How to confuse your tongue: eggs with waffle texture!

Jessica at The Novice Chef came up with a creative twist on the traditional Croque Madame - instead of the usual toasted bread, ham, cheese, and poached egg, she replaced the bread with a waffle made from croissant dough and cooked the ham and egg on the waffle iron too. The result looks pretty amazing:

Waffle Croque Madame

Scott at Seattle Food Geek was inspired by this, but lacked a standard waffle iron. However, he did have a waffle cone iron. Cooking the egg white and yolk separately, he came up with this:

Waffled Eggs and Waffles

There you have it: waffled eggs! Simple, and quite clever. I'll be trying variants of this with other foods soon.


  1. Waffled eggs. Yum yum. If you roll bacon with that it would be the perfect breakfast.


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