Sneaky Beans

When I'm not blogging about food-related topics, I often perform as a singer-songwriter. Thanks to that vocation, I'm currently in Jackson, Miss. for an arts conference - it's my first time in the area, and I was surprised to discover that the city itself has less than 200,000 inhabitants. The metro area has less than 500,000. Coming from Chicago, this seems quite modest. But even with its relatively small size, I've discovered some local cafes that take their coffee quite seriously: One is Cups, which roasts their own beans. Not far from Cups is Sneaky Beans, which sources theirs from a local roaster in Oxford, Miss. I have to say, besides the charm of finding a cafe housed in an old house, I found their logo quite amusing:

A closeup of our bandit beanie friend:

He's so cute.


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